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Thank you for your interest in the Dr. Matthew A. Horney Memorial Fund. We are grateful for your time and any donations you choose to make. We firmly believe that all donations, no matter the amount, are equal in value. We promise that 100 percent of all donations to this fund are for scholarships and nothing else. At no point will you be added to any lists for other funding efforts, subjected to repeated asks, and your information will be kept private. The goal of this scholarship fund is to make college a little less expensive and expand access to education. Matthew so valued his education and used his knowledge to help others. This fund is to help others, just as Matthew did. It is an effort to continue his legacy of love. Please join us in this mission.

These efforts will continue until 2028, or until the scholarship fund is fully-endowed. The endowment is in accordance with a contract with the University of Illinois Chicago, Rockford Campus. 

Ways to donate:

How does this work? 

Starting in Spring 2024, students who attend the University of Illinois Chicago, Rockford Campus, will be eligible to receive a scholarship from the Dr. Matthew A. Horney Memorial Fund. The scholarship will be for students enrolled in the Pharmacy School at the Rockford Campus, where Matthew obtained his education and completed his degree. Scholarship amounts may vary but will be approximately $1,000 per year. Scholarship recipients are chosen on a need-based status, and students who graduate from McHenry County High Schools will be given top priority (although any can apply). Both Matthew and his wife Abby went to school in McHenry County, and we wanted to honor where they started their life together.  


Once we have completed our funding efforts, the Dr. Matthew A. Horney Memorial Fund will award scholarships annually, in perpetuity. This fund is through a formal endowment agreement between the University of Illinois Chicago, Rockford Campus, and fund manager, Ashley Badgley. Ashley will manage the fund's bank account, and in order to maintain transparency, she will release regular reports on the fund's progress as needed.

Donations will no longer be accepted once we hit the endowment amount, and we have until 2028 to do so. If any donations are made that take us over the total endowment amount, those additional funds will be given to a charity of Abby's choice.

Ways to donate:


Send check or money order to:
Matthew A. Horney Memorial Fund
c/o Ashley Badgley
3614 12th St. NE
Unit 2
Washington, DC 20017

Donations to this scholarship fund are NOT tax deductible. Each donation will receive a receipt (either via Paypal, Venmo, or other method). All donations will go to the Dr. Matthew A. Horney Memorial Scholarship Fund. Any costs associated with website maintenance, thank you notes, or other advertisements of this fund will be provided by fund manager, Ashley Badgley. If you have any questions or concerns related to the fund maintenance, please contact





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